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Midweek Pro-Comp Stableford 16th January 2019

Midweek Pro-Comp Results

Results 16/01/19

Winner: Gordon Crompton(27) 41 c/b

2nd: Peter Camilleri (38) 41 c/b

3rd: Ron Clarke (29) 41 c/b

4th : Step Bedrossian (12) 41

5th: Ian Trebble (23) 39

                6th Mathew Herrick (16) 38

Ball Rundown

James Mullan 38

Colin Wixey 38

Dale Pitt 37

Ian Cragg 37

Colin Wood 37

Tom Killeen 37

Jeff Clough 36

Phil Simmons 36

Alan Coustley 35

Philip Sein 35

Andrew Micheal 35

John Hasler 35

Supapin 4th Hole John Farthing $50.00

NTP 6th hole Michael Jackson

NTP 9th hole Jim Mullan

NTP 12th hole Alan Coustley

NTP 13th hole Colin Wood

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