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Midweek Pro-Comp Stableford 30/05/2018

Midweek Pro-Comp

Results 30/05/18

Winner: John Farthing $80.00

2nd: Rob Law 36 $60.00

3rd: Colin Whittingham 35 C/B$40.00

4th: John Everard 35$30.00

5th: John Tullberg 34 C/B$20.00

6th: Graeme Lanigan 34 $10.00

Ball Rundown

David Walker 33

Dennis Ford 32

Peter Camilleri 32

David McCormack 32

Leo Stewart 32

John Hasler 31

Jack Simmons 31

Peter LeBoeuf 31

Michael Szeitz 30

Arthur Wood 30

N.T.P 6th Ray Jeffkins

N.T.P 12th Graeme Lanigan

Superpin 4th Jacko $35.00

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